We Will Meet: A Poem by Faizan Habib Wani


We will meet,
somewhere, sometime,
in the nuptial embrace of
our grey and white memories.

With your blessed arrival;
The celebrated idols of our dark history,
(their faces yet so rough and ugly),
The explosives implanted in the
wombs of our senile mothers,
The bloodied trails on the ashen
heads of our brides,
The gunpowder, growling under
the rubble of our beloved palaces—
Everything would get metamorphosed
Into the child’s unrestrained laughter.

The pain would be spilled
like the alcohol around the tables of
drunk gamblers.
(No one will even look on the littered floor).

You, the loved one,
The most cherished one,
The confined god of the gates of paradise;
When you will resume your godhood,
Everything would smell of you.

We will meet,
somewhere, sometime,
when the fake gods of this desecrated
vale would forget to lockup the fetters
of slavery.

The heavenly reflections on the waters of
Jehlum would rise up and enrobe us into
their definition of eternal bliss.

On your blessed arrival, my beloved,
We will embrace,
never to be separated again.

We will meet,
somewhere, sometime,
very soon.

Faizan Habib Wani is a poet who has been writing poetry for over half a decade now. He hails from Pampore, Kashmir and is currently pursuing his Engineering degree. He can reached at his Facebook profile @Faizan Wani.


  1. Love you brother…..love ur each and every word u put on ur poems…….. u r a great inspiraton for us…love uh broo….


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