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We are drowning in an informational-apocalypse and starving for knowledge that reflects the true image of our own selves and our society. Telling truth in the controlled and censored media is quite less than partial and people are often wonderstruck to where and how other parts of the stories are buried. But, when history reaches a turning point, there are those who watch and those who act. To explore literature in compelling narratives that examine events from multiple perspectives and translate complex ideas into authoritative and engaging stories, we laid the foundation of Mountain Ink with which we can explore our love for knowledge and wisdom. We draw the sketches down and tell the stories that matter. Stories that are of the past, present, and future. Our mission is ancient: to inform the individual and unite people through the tradition of art and storytelling. Mountain Ink is an online and monthly print of narrative journalism with an avant-garde attitude to art, culture, literature and politics.

Ubaid Majeed

Desk Editor
Muhammad Raafi
Managing Editor
Adil Amin Akhoon
Contributing Editor
Baida Mushtaq
Staff Writer
Arif Nazir, Bisma Farooq, Meher Qadri
Senior Multimedia Editor
Aijaz Ganai
Multimedia Editor (Reportages)
Shah Jahan Mughal
Multimedia Reporter
Arif Bashir Wani, Shah Umar
Graphics and Layout
Suhail Sultan
Editorial Interns
Aaliya Shalla, Basit Parray
Multimedia Interns
Mehru-n-Nisa, Mumin Gul, Musa Tramboo, Rafeeq ul Islam