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Marketing Manager

Title: Marketing Manager
Location: Srinagar, Kashmir
Job Type: Part-Time
Experience: 1 Year
Software Skills: Google Workspace/E-mail Clients, Creator Studios (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)


  • Create engagement and brand identity with effective communication methods.
  • Reach out to prospective clients, familiarise them with the magazine and its readership.
  • Maintain a value-based client-organisation relationship.
  • Reach out to clients and familiarise them with the merits of advertising in the Mountain Ink.
  • Introduce standard industry methods and trends for dynamic and value-based market expansion.
  • Managing subscriptions processes, correspondence and accounts.

Application Guidelines
Submit the following documents:

  1. Your résumé.
  2. A cover letter highlighting how you are fit for this position.
  3. Your portfolio with links/directions to your earlier work.
  4. Sample works to highlight your creative vision.

Please send in the required documents and material to with the subject line “Application: Marketing Manager (Part-Time)”.