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The Assets of Usual Contempt

The Assets of Usual Contempt

Ubair Fayaz Fazili

‘Passive harassment for people of Kashmir, the unintentional remarks like quoting the infamous statement to justify the ill-bred occupation, is a concerning issue. It goes unnoticed and normally even the listener wouldn’t care to think about it in most cases.’

Kashmir had become stifling. It burdened me to realize that the world won’t stop for me. I owed it to myself to go out there and put myself to good use. I needed to accumulate some experience that is akin to my interests, to get out of my comfort zone and step into a crowd that makes me aware of my dormant potential. These were the ambitions that I brought along with me when I came to Delhi.

I thought I’d get internships in a city like this as if they’re nothing, a matter-less subscription that could be handed out free and yet incur the cost of living at your own expense. I didn’t get an internship but instead, I found a completely unrelated job that promises to pay for my expenses and help me get an idea of a corporate work environment, which is something I never thought I would do in my life.

Kashmir is under a continuous lockdown. Naturally, the interest of a few people is piqued when I mention that I am from Kashmir, and the exchange of opinions began.

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