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Seventeen quotes from ‘Words of Wisdom’
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Seventeen quotes from ‘Words of Wisdom’

An avid reader, reading 13 to 15 hours on average a day, Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Marzouq at-Tarefe, was born on 7th of September in 1976 in Kuwait and is a Saudi Arabian Islamic cleric. Shaykh has widely memorized Islamic texts from the age of 13 along with hundreds of thousands of lines of poetry, studied countless books and has written as many as 12 books. However, Shaykh is imprisoned by Saudi Regime since 2016 along with other scholars without any clear charges pressed against them. For Shaykh’s contribution in the Adab (literature), Mountain Ink has curated 17 quotes from his book ‘Words of Wisdom’.

If love blinds the bad qualities of the one you love, then hatred blinds the good qualities of the one you hate.

Memorization without comprehension is ignorance and self-conceit, and comprehension without memorization is a drawback and deficiency.

‘Freedom’ is the most commonly uttered word today; they know how to begin in applying it, but don’t know where it will end up with them?

The paganism of jāhiliyyah (ignorance) was one of idolatry, whereas the paganism of today is one of ideologies.

They care about the language of numbers, so they made the woman “half of society”, whereas society is not divided up, because “all” of it is the woman and the man wherein they alternate; if one of them carries out a task they suffice the other.

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Scholars differing does not mean opening the door to freely choosing one of their opinions. The desire for something is not evidence proving its correctness, just as medicine is not recognized because of its taste. So be selective in finding a scholar for your religion just as you are selective in finding a doctor for your body.

Whoever reflects over the fall of nations, considering its various causes, finds that they all come back to one cause: the head not feeling the body, either being absent or missing in action, until the head of the state is detached from its body.

A nation does not become firmly established after oppression except through tough tribulation. The Children of Israel did not gain victory over Fir‘awn except after their newborns were killed, then those who believed. They were killed and crucified while Mūsa (Moses) was among them.

Commanding the good and forbidding the evil is the center of controlling freedoms so that they do not break loose; and liberalism is the center of letting freedoms loose so that they do not become controlled; and as such, they are two opposites that can never come together.

The more an individual broadens in knowledge, the more he broadens in excusing the one who rightfully differs in opinion with him; and if his knowledge becomes confined, his excusing also becomes confined.

The most perfect of people intellectually are the ones who think the furthest regarding long-term goals. The goal diminishes the more weak the intellect becomes. A mentally disabled person has a goal when he knows how to take a glass to drink, but he does not know where to put it once he is finished with it.

The truth is a straight path. Do not deviate from it seeking praise in order to gain, nor fearing dispraise in order to surrender; for praise and dispraise without meaning are mere voices, and voices drive cattle whereas meanings drive minds.

Prestige is the land of vain desires which cultivates them, and money is its water which irrigates them. As such, innovation and misguidance are not free from land, water and one to irrigate them.

The wise person should recognize the scope of his ignorance more than his recognition of the scope of his knowledge, because the one who busies himself with the extent of his ignorance learns, whereas the one who busies himself with the extent of his knowledge becomes arrogant.

The knowledge of refuting the ignorant is a new form of knowledge that the past scholars did not know, because their ignorant ones did not know how to write, while today’s ignorant ones write everything! We see ignorance we have never read about before.



Hope and fear are the criterions of servitude. People are slaves to those whom they fear and hope from.

Do not turn around to look at how many followers are behind you, rather look in front of you to see how safe the path is.

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