Making About Is Breaking


Comrade, gear up, the dawn is singing- cheer
Comrade, hope in attire is dancing- wear

Fissured horizon lures none save me
Comrade, at me, what silence is winking- bear

Pierce, nay, these earlobes graceful like this
Comrade, what new method is ringing- hear

Off shelves, let my book all be- no worries
Comrade, the pulse witty is writing- share

What else critics dare tell trash- trivial
Comrade, they know not who is thinking- stare

Forms and norms good, stay not, a rebel be
Comrade, making about is breaking- pair

A topping on cake needs not a baker
Comrade, an artist who is pulsing- fair.

Mushtaque Barq is a senior writer and social activist. He is the author of poetry collection Withered Petals published by Global Fraternity of Poets. He can be reached at his facebook handler @Mushtaq Barq.


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