Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Assets of Usual Contempt

‘Passive harassment for people of Kashmir, the unintentional remarks like quoting the infamous statement to justify the ill-bred occupation, is a concerning issue. It...

A Glory in Ruins

Mir Sayid Mohammad Madni’s mausoleum often known as Madin Sahab is one of the oldest mausoleums situated in the vicinity of Hawal, Srinagar. The...

A Cathartic Tumble: ‘Songs of Light’ by Ayaz Rasool Nazki

Book Name: Songs of LightGenre: PoetryAuthor: Ayaz Rasool NazkiYear of Publication: 2017Published by: Writers WorkshopISBN: 97-93-5045-150-2Pages: 104Price: INR 200Reviewer: Perveiz Ali When one’s memories (of...

We Will Meet: A Poem by Faizan Habib Wani

We will meet,somewhere, sometime,in the nuptial embrace ofour grey and white memories. With your blessed arrival;The celebrated idols of our dark history,(their faces yet so...

Words: A Poem by Muhammad Nadeem

Have you ever read somethingthat worked as a stitchon an open wound? The words that feel likethe ointment on the painful limbor the plaster on...

The Healing Powers Of Reading

A season of death, a season of loss; our buds rest into coffins, our blossoms have the scent of scars. With a call for...


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